Pinza per fusti TVKH

Pinza per sollevamento e movimentazione fusti - TVKH


cast-pinze per sollevamento fusti - tvkhspecial lightweight heavy duty clamp for upright drum lifting
  • Designed for lifting, handling and transporting of (oil) drums, where the drums have to stay in a upright position
  • Single clamp application on empty or filled drums
  • During lifting and transportation the centre of gravity of the drum is always below the lifting point
  • Jaw openings available from: 0 to 25 mm
  • Working load limit (WLL) 600kg
Features and benefits:
  • Lightweight design for easy handling in tight spaces between other drums
  • Tough quality heavy duty welded shell body
  • Equipped with a manual safety lock mechanism so that the clamp is locked in the open position
  • Maintenance-friendly, easy to exchange parts which are available upon request
cast-pinze per sollevamento fusti - tvkh - specifiche
Article Nr. Type Capacity (kg/pc) Jaw opening (mm) U S V T X Y Weight (kg/pc)
828100 TVKH 600 0 - 25 765 434 305 50 100 10 7
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